About Us

Wonder Travel & Tourism


With many years of experience in the travel and tourism field, Booking Combined earns trust and recognition from hundreds of satisfied clients every year and the number keeps growing each year.


Some of the features that make Booking Combined unique in the business of travel & tourism are:


  • A one-stop solution for travelers and tourists:


Booking Combined provides basic and complementary traveling services such as airline ticketing and booking, accommodation, car rentals, cruise liners trips, spa representations, travel insurance, etc.


  • Serves passengers who have different budgets and needs:


Booking Combined customizes packages for clients with different budget and needs all around the world anytime in the year.


  • Ensure smooth planning for trips:


Booking Combined staff is well equipped to respond to any client query and provide instant quotations and availability of bookings and reservations on the spot.


  • Ensuring convenience to all passenger types:


Booking Combined have branches all around Kuwait to serve our traveling clients in addition to our online platform.


Very Well Organized


Through our well-organized travel & tourism division, our professional staff provides all clients with high quality and value for money traveling services and facilities, thus ensuring memorable and enjoyable trips and holidays. This division can be described as a full-fledged and sophisticated travel agency as it can accommodate clients with different budget and taste, catering to every special need and desire. This can be demonstrated in the below list which has our all-inclusive services.




Booking combines offers a great and extensive selection of accommodation arrangements in luxury and discounted boutique and franchised hotels, apartments, Bungalows, and villas.


Car rentals


Booking combines offers affordable and luxurious car rental services all around the world.


Special Travel planning


Booking combines provides sophisticated services to our VIP and corporate clients including trips to attend seminars, conferences and commercial conventions.


Our team Experts


The experts of the Booking combines team are trained to handle our client’s expectations through a particular concept of flexibility and in-depth knowledge.


Therefore, we promise to make all our client’s vacation an experience that they will always remember for the rest of their lives.